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More than 1,750 Palestinian people are now dead and 9,150 people injured as Israel continues their assault on the population of Gaza - 1.8 million people. According to reports, Israel ‘accidentally’ hit a United Nations’ shelter in Rafa Sunday while assassinating a man on a motorcycle nearby. The explosion hit the entrance to the school which was housing more than 3,000 people, at least 10 are dead and dozens more wounded, many of which were standing in line for food when the strike happened. It is unclear how old the victims were but some estimates say over 500 children have been killed in the last few weeks of genocide by Israel. This is at least the third UN shelter Israel has hit in the last 2 weeks. The United Nations is condemning the attack, saying that they warned Israel of the shelter 33 times, including 1 hour before the explosion. There is no excuse for this to have happened. Israel brags that it has struck at least 108 targets in the last 24 hours.

While the international support for Israel is strong, it is beginning to crumble as the carnage in Gaza continues. The United Kingdom is considering dropping their arms shipments to Israel so that the civilian deaths in Gaza are not at the hands of the UK. The United States is also wavering on their support, calling for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. The US is outraged that the Israeli intelligence service tapped US Secretary of Defense John Kerry’s phone, and released the content of a private conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and United States’ President Barack Obama to the public. The United States is still defending Israel though, in fact, most of the weapons Israel is using to kill innocent civilians in Gaza come from the US. Even Saudi Arabia has broken their silence on the issue, the King has declared that the conflict is a ‘state sponsored terrorism.’ Bolivia has declared Israel a terrorist state and removed cooperation with the Israelis.

Earlier this week, a ceasefire fell through when both Hamas and Israel violated the humanitarian period of peace. While it is unclear which side violated the agreement first, some reports show that Israel never stopped firing on southern Gaza with tanks during the agreement.

In a moment of disturbing candor, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu told the Obama administration ‘not to ever second guess me again.’ He also says Hamas will pay an ‘intolerable’ price, but who is really being hurt by Israel’s actions, Hamas or the innocent people of Gaza?

Ladies and gentlemen, this madness is not defense, this is not survival, this is genocide, this is terrorism, this is more of the disgusting violence Israel has perpetrated during the last 5 decades while occupying and oppressing the people of Gaza. They must be stopped. Stand with humanity and call for an end to this lunacy.

*Note: the boy pictured in the second photo is believed to have survived his injuries, out of respect for the victims and those who will see this post, I refrained from posting pictures of the children who have been killed.

"We will remember those who shut their eyes covered their ears and closed their mouths."

Dina Elewia, Palestinian.  (via mysharona1987)


Free Palestine: Austin, Texas - 8/2/2014

"if 9/11 deserves a moment of silence, then palestine deserves us never to speak again"

anonymous (via luxereine)

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